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Metal Roofing

With over 23 years of experience installing standing seam metal roofs, masterrib roofs, copper roofs, and terne roofs, you can be assured that you have professionals handling significant and critical home projects.

How to ensure you get a quality metal roof

  • You and your roofer have to be committed to using better materials and construction techniques, all of which cost a little extra.
  • Your roofer should have a dedicated crew that does only sheet metal work installations.
  • Your roofer should have the experience of installing many metal roofs.

All of these result in a far superior roofing system.

Our crew of 6 took approximately 2 months to remove all the shingles from this church and install this snap locked metal roof.  The size of the job was complicated by the radius in the middle of two flat areas, the panels were 42 feet long, and the uppermost areas were nearly vertical. 

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